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Missing "Your Musi" function in the iPad App

Missing "Your Musi" function in the iPad App



why, do I don't have the fuction "your music" in the iPad App. in the desktop und iPhone App I cann organize my own collection.


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4 Replies

It just hasn't been added yet. Spotify have said it is coming in the future, but we just don't know when yet sadly.

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Is there any possibility to use the web player with the iPad. Most other streaming apps have that function, but not spotify. Thats the reason I don't want to change from Wimp.

The logic seems to be let's not update the iPad app for over a year so people will stop using it, so we can use the fact that nobody uses it as justification for not updating the iPad app.

I was led to believe that all devices would have Your Music by the end of April, but checking back in after two months it doesn't surprise me. The lack of Your Music on the iPad caused me to cancel my premium membership, and it's what's keeping me away.

I recommend you Deezer because their future means 1-2 years.

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