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Missing volume control iOS app

Missing volume control iOS app

I used to be able to control the volume from within the Spotify app (playing on a Bluetooth device), but now it seems like the only way is for me to use the hardware buttons on the phone. 

I need my music to be playing at a different volume than the things on my phone (ie Instagram and TikTok). How do I get the volume control bar back?

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There is a volume bar on my iOS device on the lock screen. I use my old phone with wifi Bose speaker. 

The lock screen has foward/back pause/play and volume bar.

Mine doesn’t have it on the Lock Screen either. But in your comment “my old phone” is a tip off that it likely uses an old version of the app or iOS that used to have it, like mine used to. 

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out.


It's currently not possible to control the volume for the Spotify app separately, however we do appreciate your feedback and we've forwarded it to the relevant team.


Let us know if there's anything else.

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Seriously? That’s a pretty bog standard feature in a music app, is it not? I’ve been swearing over the same problem for a long time.

Is this fixed? My volume button on ipad dont work anymore. Any other way to control spotify volume?



Is there any update on this? I use the volume control all the time on my computer, so I can listen at low volumes whilst putting on things like rain sounds to study. However, I can’t do this on my phone, which is a big miss to me. 

Could you please consider adding this feature? It sounds like it used to be a feature anyway.


Many thanks.

I’ve noticed this issue for several months and believe it’s something to do with an update, I also find this to be really frustrating as I use my phone to control the songs and volume that are being played on my toddlers Alexa which plays his night time lullabies. The reason why controlling the slider on my phone was so ideal was because I could maintain the perfect volume that wasn’t too loud it would wake him but just quiet enough that it could be heard comfortably. Now I can only use my phones buttons for the Spotify volume and cannot control the slider which means his music is now either slightly too loud or you can barely hear a thing, which is a problem I wouldn’t have if I could control the volume slider!

I just find these smallest of changes to be mind numbingly stupid and unnecessary to change a feature that didn’t need to be changed, if it’s not broke don’t fix it and if it’s a feature you had for years prior it shouldn’t be an issue to bring it back again. 

If you press the device/speaker button on the bottom left of your screenshot where it says “DEN SPEAKER, a volume slider will appear at the bottom of the screen.

I wish there was a volume slider on the main screen but currently this is the only way I know to access the volume slider inside Spotify.


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