Mobile app (iOS) Spotify 2.0 - New layout design [SUPPORT to make it happen]

Mobile app (iOS) Spotify 2.0 - New layout design [SUPPORT to make it happen]


On mobile, we all expect user experience is "as easy as ONE click".


I put in some effort to rethink about how i dream about a better spotify app.

The core concept modifications are:

  1. SWIPE to change from Online to Offline mode, vice versa
  2. Live activity in Social page (together with Inbox, friends and setting)
  3. SHARE button on playlist/ song page
  4. Pull up now playing to see lyrics
  5. Lesser page (Whats new+radio, Inbox+friends)

If you like it, do support KUDOS to make this happen!!!


Attached illustration's link as I cant embed photos:





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Hey mattz!
A new idea should only contain 1 new feature/change, otherwise it's hard to manage the idea's status and kudos. I've moved it over in the respective help forum so it's still open for discussion. 😉

If you want to create new ideas that can gather kudos too, please just describe 1 feature per idea as it's written in the idea submission guidelines. Also please make sure to use the search function first before posting. Thanks!


Thanks Premify.


I understand your feedback.

Hope that when spotify update the new version take these feature/design  into consideration.



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