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Music Won't Stream on 3G

Music Won't Stream on 3G

I have an iPhone 4S with 7.1.2 software and I can't stream music on 3G anymore. The song either doesn't start or if it does start then the song freezes after a few seconds.  Never had this problem until about 2 weeks ago but now I can't play Spotify in my car or when walking around without the music freezing after a few seconds.  I don't have problems playing Spotify on my iPhone when I'm connected to wi-fi so it's only a problem when I'm on 3G.  


I've tried deleting and re-installing Spotify on my iPhone.  Didn't fix it.  I've tried restarting my iPhone.  Didn't fix it.  Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?  


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@toddkurihara That's really weird..

Playing over cellular is based on tons of factors.

Would be good if you can do a speedtest on your phone using the app so you get an idea of how well the connection is going.

Also check your Settings -> Music Quality -> Sync Quality, make sure it is not at Extreme, so your 3G won't take the hit to buffer. You can try Normal and give a shot!
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