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Music pauses shortly after starting streaming from phone to chormecast (gen 1)

Music pauses shortly after starting streaming from phone to chormecast (gen 1)

So I've been having this problem consistently since Spotify relseased chromecast support. When I first start the stream from spotify on iPhone (6, iOS 9.2.1) to Chromecast (gen 1, fw 1.17.46278) it sets up and starts playing fine, but after a short while it pauses playback so that I have to go into the spotify app and hit play again. The procedure is as follows:


1. Start spotify on iPhone and start playing a track.

2. Send the stream to Chromecast, works fine.

3. After a while, I have to hit play again because the music paused.


I think I have an idea of why this is happening. It seems to me that when I first set up the stream from phone to chromecast, it immediatley starts to play on the chromecast and stops playing on the phones speakers/headphones but when the iPhone is in locked mode (or from the pull up menu), I can still interface with spotify for a little while via the built in music controls in iOS. I think it is when spotify disconnects itself from this service that the playback on the chromecast stops. 


It works fine to switch back and fourth between iPhone and Chromecast once the initial connection has been made with no pause issues (I guess after the spotify app is running on the chromecast), the issue just arises when you haven't been playing to the chromecast for a while. 


Anyway, really annoying bug. Please look into it. 

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