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Music pauses while listening on Iphone

Music pauses while listening on Iphone



When I listen to music on my Iphone the song always pauses after about 90 seconds, then again a minute later and after the song it all stops. I´m not logged in to another device, i´m sure of that. This problem came a couple of days ago and has continued since, anyone that can help me?

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Can you try all of the steps outlined in the iOS troubleshooting guide and see if they help? 



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I have, I can´t find anything that can help me or anyone with simular problem.

Same thing happens with me too. i have an iphone 5. ios 7, with the new spotify update, and it never really happened with the old versions. Just with the newer versions. If im playing a song, and switch to another app or i go to the lockscreen the musci pauses. Its very annoying have to stop what im doing and go back to the app and play the song. Same thing in the car, playing music, and im browsing thru different apps the darn song just pauses. completely annoying and so fustrating. 

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