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Music pausing at the beginning of a song.

Music pausing at the beginning of a song.


Family premium




iPhone SE space gray 32GB apple refurbished

Operating System

iOS 13.5.1


Spotify is up to date (8.5.60) 


Ever since the 8.5.60 update I’ve been having a problem where exactly 1, 2, or 10 seconds into a song the song will randomly stop, even though the play button is still playing, and the only way to fix it has been to drag the slider back to the very beginning of the song and pausing and then playing. It’s very annoying as often I’m doing things away from my phone and I have to quit go to the phone and do this every few songs. It’s happened on multiple bluetooth devices, including a toyota car player and vivitar headphones, and has also happened on the built in phone speaker. The songs are downloaded songs, so it’s not about the song not loading on the internet. It typically happens when I have the phone locked and am controlling the music with the lock screen player, so it may be an IOS issue. I believe my phone does have the battery health peak performance controller anti shutdown thingamagig turned on so that might be part of the problem. 


My playback settings are as follows:

crossfade .5 to 1 second. 

Gapless playback enabled

Auto mix off

Audio normalization off

Has happened at all types of customized EQ settings as well as a disabled/flat EQ

Play feedback sounds on

Autoplay off

Canvas off

Music quality is very high on download, low on streaming. 


I don’t recall it happening when connected to other devices but it may have idr. 

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I have had the same issue for many months now. I finally found a workaround. This may not work because you have an iOS device, but I figured I would post it anyway.



I am able to play music with great playback on the Android Auto app! This workaround is less than ideal. The Android Auto interface is overly simplified and irritating at times, but the Spotify works! Install the Android Auto app from the Play Store, set the app up, make sure Spotify is running in the background, and connect as normal. I hope this works for you.


I am using a Razer Phone 2 connected over Bluetooth to a 2017 Ram 1500 with Uconnect software.

Bruh its an iphone there dont be a play store (problem still persists btw)
Ive recently found that it happens the most on downloaded songs when I have
a poor internet connection, which shouldnt be a problem since the songs
are, well, downloaded. A few people IRL have suggested undownloading and
redownloading everything, however I have over 13GB of downloaded music and
Id rather not go through the time and trouble to do ALL of that music

Hey there @JohnnyERussell,


Thanks for reaching out about this.


It's a good suggestion to redownload all your songs even though it sounds like a hustle. We'd also recommend you run a clean reinstallation of the app, following the steps in this guide. Note that offline music will have to be redownloaded if you do this.


Often times a clean reinstallation solves most issues with the app, because they appear when the cache and server information gets corrupted. This happens mostly when using multiple devices and if you have a large number of songs and playlists on your account.


If you don't want to go through this you can try enabling Offline Mode on your phone and see if downloaded songs play normally when that's switched on.


Keep us posted.

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Ive actually already tried the offline mode thing, it didnt help much,
thanks for the suggestion anyway though. I guess Ill just have to take the
time to redo my Spotify sometime, thanks. Although I do still think its a
pretty detrimental issue, especially if it happens often to the people for
whom it is the hardest to fix, so Ill probably continue to keep this forum

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