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Music skip 2 sec. on every number iPod Touch 4G

Music skip 2 sec. on every number iPod Touch 4G

Hi all,


Iv'e have a iPod Touch 4Gen with newest iOS installed. But when i Use Spotify on my unit it skip 2 sec. of the music playing?? Iv'e tried to install spotify again after deleted it, and reset the whole unit, downgrade iOS but nothing happent, its still skip the first 2 sec. of every music number after updated to the 1.0 Spotify. Finnaly i saw there was an update to Spotify so maybe the problem was solved in that update.. ( But no... The problem is still here. And no matter if i use offline mode or using it online... I think the new look and the new update is VERY SLOW to my iPod Touch 4G. It is 5 sec. to jump to nex number, and sometimes it frozen Spotify. All that after the new update.... 


Can somebody tell me what to do? Everything is tried... 

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Mine's the same right now Andy. Just playing straight from the PC and SOME Tracks are fine while others play just a couple of seconds before coming up with a Message that reads 'Cannot play current track' - VERY frustrating and I have no idea what to do to resolve the issue!! Hoping that someone can however...

Ouh, i'm not the only one! Thank god! 🙂 


Yeah, i use my iPod touch 4G with Spotify on my Clarion DXZ788RUSB Car Stereo. It' works perfect with my iPhone 5, so i can skip tracks on the radio, but again after updating Spotify, when i skip tracks it going to freeze my iPod touch, and i have to reset it (Home + on/off button) before it work again, but the older Spotify version (0.9.3) work perfectly on my Touch, so darn i made that update! 😕 

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