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Can't sync local files to iPhone?

Can't sync local files to iPhone?

I'm trying to sync my local files to my iPhone 4 using my Mac using OSX 10.7.5. My Mac picks up my iPhone when I sync it over WiFi, however whenever I try and sync my local files it says 'pending'. Pending what? Can someone please tell me?

Thank you!

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Hi. Could you try the steps in this post to see if it helps.

It still says 'pending', and it's not syncing.

Can you just confirm that your iphone shows under devices in the desktop client? If the problem is with just one problem, can you copy 5 of the tracks into a new playlist and see if that synchs?



I'm having the same problem. My device (iphone 4 ios7) shows on my Mac and my local files get stuck on "pending".


I tried to add a few local files to a playlist and sync that playlist, but when i check that i want that playlist to get synced spotify changes to "sync all music to this device" and again (since local files are first in the list) nothing gets synced.

I did a workaround...

Added the local files i wanted to sync to a playlist that is in both applications and it started to do it.

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