Music stops after 2 songs if out of house using data

Music stops after 2 songs if out of house using data






iPhone 5s

Operating System

iOS 12(I’m guessing, not certain. I do know it won’t update further though)


My Question or Issue

my Spotify will only play 2 songs if I’m playing it using data. If I touch or try and skip any songs it won’t continue playing at all. This has been going on for a while now and I’ve tried turning my phone on and off, checked that my data is turned on and such. I’d appreciate any help to fix this 


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I have a similar issue - since I updated the app it seems that certain albums will not auto play whilst I am outside using data. Weirdly it is fine when I am on WiFi and only seems to affect recently downloaded albums. I’ve checked my settings and that I have the latest update. So weird and very annoying when running having to click play every time a song ends and you want to listen to the next one! 

Hi! I've had this problem before and it seemed that my device settings didn't allow Spotify to use Mobile Data.
I suggest:
Go to settings on your iphone > Scroll down to Spotify (or search "Spotify" in your settings > Turn mobile data on

Alternatively, if this solution doesn't work please let me know!

Good point - but I have downloaded the albums on my premium account so
should not need to use data? Thanks!

Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately I had already tried that and my data has been on for Spotify the whole time

Mine won’t even let me press play again. Just stops all together until I reconnect to WiFi when I get back home. I hope you find a way to fix yours soon

Sounds suspiciously familiar to what I experience in offline mode. This is NOT COOL spotify. You charge us a premium, but when it comes time for you to be of use to the people who PAY you, you just lie to us and give us nonsense answers. utter BS

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