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Music stops playing for no reason

Music stops playing for no reason

I often use the apple remote controll when I play music on spotify. Sometimes when I pause the music using the remote, it won't start up again. When I push the play-button (wheater I use the Macbook Pro or the remote) it changes into the pause-symbol, but the music doesn't start, there's no spund and the "timeline" does not move. I have to quit spotify and restart it in order to get the music playing again. This happens several times a day. I have the latest version og spotify. What is wrong?

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I've found with my bluetooth headphones, when I pause Spotify and go away for a bit I can't start it again with the headphone controls. It looks to me like iOS is suspending the app since it isn't playing.

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Like Peter said, it has to do with the way iOS handles background apps.

According to the App States and Multitasking section of Apple's iOS App Development Documentation, apps can be in two background states:


"Background: The app is in the background and exectuting code, thus it's running" (In this case, processing the song data and sending it to the speakers/headphones)

"Suspended: The app is in the background but it's not executing code. The system moves the app to this state automatically without notifying"


What happens is that when you pause the music when you're using a different app, either from your remote control or via Control center, if you have the playlist stored for offline play or the app finished downloading the audio files, the app stops executing code because it simply doesn't need to play music or download tracks. 

When this scenario is met, iOS understands it can save battery life by placing the app in suspended mode since you're doing other things and the app is totally idle.


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