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iPhone 5c won't log in

iPhone 5c won't log in

I went through all the steps it mentioned as a possible fix for my problem and it didn't work. I made a playlist ( starred ) and when I try to play it offline it tells me I have to sign up for premium to do so. I click the link to do it and it says something went wrong lets try again. I can't listen to music and this is the only app I found where I can make my own playlist. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
2 Replies

If you don't already have a premium subscription, you can sign up at

You need a premium subscription to save songs for offline listening. 

With a free account, you can only listen to music when you're connected to the internet. Also, the free account only allows you to listen to albums and playlists on shuffle if you're using a mobile device, like your iPhone 5C. 


The premium subscription enables:

- High Quality audio streaming both on desktop and mobile;

- Save songs for offline listening both on desktop and mobile;

- Select individual songs to listen on mobile


i hope this helps 🙂


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