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My Music > Songs > "NO" Available Offline

My Music > Songs > "NO" Available Offline

I've bought into Spotifys new saved system and dragged all my music from the old playlists which they sat in to the songs section via the desktop app. I deleted most my playlists because they were just full albums which I no longer need since they are now in the my albums section and weren't true playlists to begin with. 


As I was getting ready for a flight I openned my phone up and went to the my songs section only to realize there is no make available offline in the songs section of the ios app.


so I had to go back to the desktop app drag all my music back into a playlist and then make that playlist available offline on my phone to be able to listen on my flight (I used to have my starred playlist available offline so I wouldn't eat up data either)


This is redundant and as I save new music that playlist which only exists because I want my music available offline doesn't automatically update with that new song, I have to manually resort to going back to the desktop app and dragging songs back into that playlist. 


Granted from my phone I could save + add to playlist simulatanesouly but that 2 steps I have to take everytime I want a song. 


I'm not asking for starred to be back (not that it's totally gone....almost) but this seems like an oversight. 





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I agree -- this seems like an oversight, and I don't like the redundancy of hitting the +, and then adding the songs to a playlist which is made available offline. Seems needlessly redundant.

I have the same issue - I really like the new My Music section but there's no way to tell I want it offline like I did with the Starred playlist before. This is kinda holding me back from fully use this feature at the moment.

It has been announced this feature is coming in an update in the near future (it has already been added to android).

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I have the same problem, but it seems Spotify is working on this and it's already in the current Android version. It'll probably be in the next iOS release as well. See on Spotify Ideas

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