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Connecting problem on iPhone 4s

Connecting problem on iPhone 4s

Hi, This morning when I woke up i got on Spotify and it wouldnt connect. It has done this before and what i usually do is close the app and re open it and everything is fine. But not today. Everytime i Have opened the app today it just says Connecting forever and then never does anything. I am still able to listen to offline playlists but cant search or discover and its really starting to get frustrating. My wifi is working fine. I am able to watch netflix and play xbox live without a hitch. So its not that. I have reset my phone and network settings and it still didnt fix it. Is the app having issues? I dont understand what the problem coud be

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Same story here on xperia z1, since the update to the new style player...Already for three days!



Have you tried a clean reinstallation?

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Cleaning Caches, Clean installation, Not logging in with Facebook. Problem persists. It's exactly like in this thread. Persistent for days now and starting with the updated app. 

I escalated this issue to the Spotify team. See if there are any solutions. I Tried testing on a iPhone, Android and iPad and I don't face this problem.

Is your iPhone on the latest iOS version?
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Does it connect fine (even if you don't stream anything) on your mobile network connection?

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