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My Solution to Spotify's Horrible Queue Management

My Solution to Spotify's Horrible Queue Management

I think I found THE solution to Spotify's horrible queue management. 😄 It's an app called - Listen to Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and your favorite free music sources all in ONE app! by budtobud

The queue management it offers is the best I've seen when compared to ANY music streaming service's "official" app. If anything, it's closest to the way Apple Music handles its queue, but even better still.

It will allow you to to 500 tracks in your play queue at one time. You can select play now, play next, add to queue, add to playlist or share. The all work exactly like they sound too! Plus, once the tracks are in your queue, you can easily rearrange them simply by dragging them up or down. Or you can get more options by swiping to the left. These options allow you to delete a track, add to playlist, share or search track.
This app is not just for Spotify either. You can log into Soundcloud, YouTube, Rdio, your local iTunes music (no Apple Music support yet), and even Deezer if you have access to that service. One you're logged into your services, your searches will pull up music from ALL of the accounts you've logged into! You can easily queue up tracks from Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube right in the same list. It's freakin EPIC! This definitely changes everything for me.

So, there you have it. Spotify would do well to incorporate a queue system as robust as this one, but, until they do, this app will be my go to for queue management. ENJOY! 😄

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