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My Spotify client is broken, need help

My Spotify client is broken, need help


Plan: Premium

Country: Sweden 

Device: iPhone X

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Hi, my Spotify client has been acting wierd lately and I cant find a way to fix it.

When I search for an artist and hit see all songs and I pick a song to play I expect to hear the next song after it. But it starts a radiochannel based on that song instead so it plays some song I dont want to hear after.

I have tried to flip Autoplay Off but then it just repats same song over and over even though repeat is not checked.


I have tried to reinstall, clean cache, reboot phone, deleting iPhone backup, removing sync to iCloud.

When i go to the appstore it jeeps downloafing it from the cloud and I have no idea how to make it download a fresh copy of Spotify. I’m about to give up on Spotify so I hope I can get some help to solve this issue.

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I have learned from these forums that this is a feature implemented on purpose by Spotify, therefore I’ve canceled my family premium and will use Apple Music instead for me and my family. I advice anyone frustrated about this feature to do the same, Apple Music lets you listen for free for 3 full months so go give a try. 👍🏻


Goodbye Spotify, I will miss you.

Hey @darkns 


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Community.


This is indeed a new feature that was recently implemented on Spotify. 


One of our users has created an idea in the Ideas Exchange which you can vote for here. If it garners enough votes, it might be implemented by Spotify again in the near future.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions 🙂

Thank you, but I’m going with Apple Music instead, was really easy to move over. Best of all is that everyone in the family got it instantly through the family setting, they just had to start the app nothing else was needed.

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