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My feature request, ease of use, bug fixes

My feature request, ease of use, bug fixes

The following are some of my Update requests. Some are must have items/issues and some I think would mave the iPhone app easier to use.. 1) Anti Skip buffer - this is a must for anyone who  likes walking around with their iPhone listening to music. Right now while walking around  I have just short one second spots where the signal drops in and out. As little as one foot affects whether I get a good or bad signal. A 45 second buffer would fix this problem. Right now the music just drops in and out all the time. 2) I started a station from a track in an album I was listening to. After a while I could see that the Station was based on the complete album not just the one track.  I would like to be able to do both, start a station based either on the individual track or the complete album. 3) while walking my dog it is not always easy to thumbs up/ thumbs down a song. I would like to be able to  go back and see previous song played in a station and be able to thumbs up or thumbs down the track. It would also be helpful if I could hear a short sample of the song to remind me why I liked or did not like the song. 3) I would like an easier way to get between my station list and album list. 5) it would be nice if I could add a second song to a station for more variety. 6) folder/sort - I would like to be able to add multiple albums to a play list I call "albums" and have Spotify be able to sort the albums based on Album, Artist, etc. Essentially creating a folder within a folder. With albums artwork and name of each album. 7) I would like to see a history button on the search screen so I can quickly goto past albums I have searched for. John
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