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My iPhone disconnects and I loose all downloaded music

My iPhone disconnects and I loose all downloaded music

Hello everybody,


I have about 2200 songs that I've set to "available offline". I download them all with no problem. But after some time, I open the Spotify app and I'm no longer connected to Spotify, therefore losing all my downloaded tracks. Does anyone know the reason?


Last time it happened I was on the road on a trip to the beach, Spotify leaving me with no songs but the FM radio... Even paying this company for more than 2 years  😠


I hope there is a solution to this issue, this happened to me at least four times already.


Thank you!

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How full is the storage one your phone? This may not be the apps problem but there not being enough storage to actually save. 

Hello youinman,

I have more than 16 GB free, my iPhone has 64 GB storage space. I don't
think this is the issue, but thanks for the reply

This is happening to my android s20fe after I installed a larger sd card for more storage.
This happening daily.

Hey there @GASCHOONER!


Thanks for reaching out on the Community!


This issue is most often caused by an issue with your device's cache. We'd recommend taking a look a this page to see how to clear the cache from the app. 


It's also a good idea to check your SD card for errors and make sure it's formatted as external storage.


In case that doesn't solve it, you could try a clean reinstall to remove all files from the app, which might be causing the disappearing of the downloads.


Keep us in the loop here.

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