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Can't sync devices

Can't sync devices

I am trying to do a local file upload on my computer, but I can't even sync my devices. Both desktop and mobile versions are up-to-date, local file is enabled on the mobile version, and both devices are on the same Wi-Fi and connected to the same account. I've tried going offline on both devices but they don't show up whenever I try searching for other devices in either app. This is really frustrating as this is not the first time I have had issues with local file upload.

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Hey there @mm2221


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


First up, it's well worth running a clean reinstall to get rid of any cached files that might be causing trouble. This one is more thorough than the usual one. 


If this doesn't do the trick, we suggest that take a look at the steps and recommendations you'll find in this Spotify Answer about local files to see if they work for you.


Keep us posted on how it goes.

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I have the same problem - iPhone12 mini and MacBook Air - both with up to date Spotify apps. I have followed all the instructions that I can find across the various threads that have reported this problem (such as All with no effect. The local files are on my MacBook. They play in the playlist in the Spotify Mac app there. I see the playlist on my iPhone but it is empty.

I can see on my iPhone that the local track is playing on my MacBook. If I tell it to play the track on this iPhone I get an error "Song Not Downloaded If you own this song you can sync it from your computer" I tap the "Learn more" button and follow the instructions: nothing happens. No sync. 

I see the playlist and songs in the web view, though all the songs are greyed out.

For reasons that are beyond my understanding, without any further changes and with it being broken for a week, the playlists are now in sync. So this is resolved for me. Random!

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