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My playlists on my phone are stuck loading

My playlists on my phone are stuck loading

So I have a Spotify premium account for months now and I haven't had any problems until now.

A few days ago I updated Spotify on my phone (iPhone 4 iOS 6). The current version I have now is I opened the app and poof* I saw all my playlists disappear in a blink. I thought what the..? I also have an iPad (un-updated) and my playlists there seem unharmed, which also applies for Spotify on my laptop.


What's going on here? I have already searched through the web and over here, but I couldn't find anything useful. Can anyone please help me with this? I would really appreciate it. I miss my songs when I'm on the road 😞


Thanks in advance,




Mod edit: made title clearer for other users with the same problem.

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Hey @user-removed thanks so much for letting us know! Give us a shout if you need anything else.

Just wondering, what is a hard reset and how do I do that?


By the way, I tried to install an older version of Spotify on my iPhone (that I already had on iTunes) to perhaps solve my problems. Unfortunately it didn't work that well.. This is all I get when I start the app:


Hold the home and lock buttons on your device until the apple logo appears on screen.

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Wohoo! It worked! After all these weeks with no music.

The hard reset solved both my problem with lost playlists and music stopping after a few minutes. Thanks!!

Thank you!!! I was going crazy about this. Tried the "hard reset" and it worked. Just realised, how much I need my Spotify to work 🙂

I was having the same issue described above.  I'm happy to know the double reset helps.  I'm trying it for myself at the moment, but thats a pretty strong solution.  What's the underlying issue?  Btw yes this worked for me too and I'm happy to keep using the wonderful app.

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