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New Spotify Black Shuffle Playlist Button

New Spotify Black Shuffle Playlist Button

Now when I go into my playlists the 'huge' shuffle play button I find is quite annoying. I've had spotify premium for over a year now and I've never used shuffle play and would rather go without it. I know that shuffle play is essential for free spotify but could you make it an optional button to have once you've become a premium user. That or have it disappear once you scroll down your playlist instead of it being fixed in place. 

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Yes,  I too think that button is way too big and actually degrades the clean look of the app.

This feedback has already been passed on to the iOS developers. I'll post back when I get more information.
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Guys, you might also add your thoughts to this idea in case (heaven forbid) it gets implemented.

On my iPod I have the big shuffle button, which may be too big.


However on my iPad there is no shuffle button at all!! Quite inconsistent design.


On iPad you first need to pick a song and THEN you can shuffle the rest of the playlist. But I want to shuffle the playlist without picking the first song.


The iPad will get the new design in the coming months, Spotify haven't yet announced when but I would predict it is coming considering the current big push to unify the app experience.

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