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Where are the stars?

Where are the stars?

I used to use stars to mark songs that I wanted to delete from a playlist when listening from my iPod. Now i can't find stars anymore.

Basically i was starring albums and adding them to playlists, then while listening on my iPod if i didn't like a song a would unstar it so that I know that this song has to be removed from the playlist (next time I am on a PC).

Now I have no stars anymore and I am asked if i want to "save" a song. I do not even know what it means.


And from my iPod Touch I can't find a way to immediately delete a song from a playlist.


So what am i supposed to do? Any suggestion?

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Hi there @parsifal ,


The Star function is no longer available in Spotify and has been replaced by the "Your Music" section. Check out this link here -


Regarding the Save function, that is simply to add the song, album, or artist to your "Your Music" section.



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