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New Spotify update renders Tunecast FM Trans. useless?...

New Spotify update renders Tunecast FM Trans. useless?...

Hi Guys,

This afternoon I updated my apps on my iphone 4 and recieved the most up to date version of spotify on mobile to use with my premium subscription. After finish up, I decided to drive home and as per usual use my Belkin Tunecast Auto Fm transmitter/charger to listen to my playlist. Upon connecting the device, the iphone kept playing the song over the phone speaker and not the car system as what previously happens several hundred times. I then received a message on the screen saying that spotify does not support the device. Never have I had such a thing happen or even a message. I have been successfully using this process for a long time, and is one of the main reasons I subscribe to premium. As it only just started happening after I updated the mobile app, I was wondering if you guys could shed some light on the issue so it could be rectified. Im not sure if it's a bug or a deliberate feature of the new update, but it is driving me nuts as I commute to work and uni for several hours a day!




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Its alway worth trying to fully restart your phone by holding the home and lock buttons together for 10 seconds until the apple logo appears on the screen and see if that makes any difference? 



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Hey Peter,

Yes, done that (always my first point of call with iphone issues), but alas it's still doing it... 😞

I might try a few different peoples to see if they get the same thing so I know it's not just me.

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