New interface problems

New interface problems


So the newest updates/ patches have left me scratching my head a bit:


More often then not my Spotify app will freeze, and just stop playing music randomly.


And what the **bleep** happened to the interface? Since when did the radio become a playlist?? And why can’t I dislike songs anymore??


iOS 12.x

iPhone 6s

Spotify Premium


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I got in touch with tech support because I realized the radio feature wasn't working correctly (no thumbs up/thumbs down, always getting the same songs in the same order as a "playlist").


Apparently this is because we have been bucketed into a test group. The support rep told me that there's no way to be removed from it. I don't complain about much, but man, this is incredibly discorteous to the user base. I feel like radio is borderline useless for me now 😕


Probably going to have to go back to Google Music for that alone.


EDIT: same behavior on the OS X desktop app, but they've managed not to ruin the web client: it still seems to allow the use of radio features.


That’s interesting.

I appreciate the input. I was beginning to wonder if it was just me.


That being said, they could have told us about being placed in said group. I hope they give those “lucky few” the oppportunity to comment/ rate this lack of features. 


Ball’s in your court Spotify. I’ve been a loyal Premium subscriber for over 6 years now. 


Edit: I always used the radio for new music discovery. I’m not a big fan of suggestions from Spotify.  


Rename Playlists? Can’t rename my personal playlists with new interface/build IOS 

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