New layout makes everything way more complicated


New layout makes everything way more complicated

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I have a premium account on iphone and the app layout changed without me updating it. Now everything is way more complicated.


The artist tab, where I had specific songs saved by that artist is now just the artist's page instead of my own music. So now if I have three songs saved from three different albums there's no way to access it excpet searching for them in my songs playlist one by one, and I can't listen to them just in a row putting my phone down. I specifically curated songs across albums with artists I liked and now there is no way to access that. 


Furthermore, songs and albums are now completely disconnected. Albums that I unsave to make room still remain in my songs playlist. So now I have to manually go through and unsave multitudes of albums song by song. This is horribly frustrating since it was so simple before. 


I WOULD just shuffle my saved albums but there's no way to do that. Not to mention if you save one song from an album, it won't come up in your albums tab, so shuffing your albums wouldn't play all your music anyway. It seems the only way to shuffle your entire collection is through the songs playlist. 


Where I used to be able to just put on an artists and set it and forget it, now I'm constantly searching. For someone who uses Spotify north of 8-9 hours a day I'm deeply disappointed. Please, PLEASE go back to your old layout or fix these issues. 


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