No Party Mode Option

No Party Mode Option

I saw this new feature and would like to try it out, but when I click on Party, it is just like any other play list. I see no Start Party button or Mood Slider. I have the most current update, I have reinstalled the app, still everything is as it was before. Is this a future feature or just a bug? Thanks.
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This is the same as me I'm not sure if I'm doing it right 

I tried uninstalling and downloading again and it worked this time around. Good luck.

I've done that twice but it's still the same

It's got to be some sort of bug. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, and for whatever reason this time it finally worked. I have seen other posts with people having the same issue and it seems like it randomly "updates" when it wants to. Maybe we will get a patch here soon, nonetheless good luck to you.

Yes I emailed yesterday they just said update in the AppStore which I had all ready done and log out and back in again I had done be honest that's a standard answer they give just hoping it solves it

ive now uninstalled 4 times and reinstalled and the option for party play is just not there I've emailed them again but a bit dissapointed to be honest I'd rather they just say there is a issue and we are looking into i

I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail, too. I'm looking forward to this feature, so it is rather frustrating to have it missing due to an apparent bug.

Hi after quite a few emails I've been told it is not available on the iPad yet but soon will be..mind you I don't know how long that will be..shame 

This is how I found party mode.


1) Launch Spotify and go to the menu (where you "Search", "Now", "Moments", etc.)

2) Click on "Search."

3) Type in "party"

4) You'll see under "Top Results" you'll see the genre Party.  Click on it.

5) If you scroll down a bit, you'll see PARTIES - Set the mood.  Control the mix.  Select any of those "playlists" like "Diplo & Friends" or "Hip Pop Takeover" and then you'll see the optiont to start the party, and adjust the mood.


Hope this helps.



I reccon it's still only availeble for the Iphone? Because it's still not availeble on my Ipad

I wish that the party sloder was back as well.  I really, really miss it!!!



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