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No Spotify Connect using iphone app

No Spotify Connect using iphone app



so we have teh following problem. We using a spotify family account. My wife owns an iphone, I#m using and android moto g3 phone. For some month we buying a yamaha CRX-N560. Both smartphone works fine with spotify connect and the yamaha CRX. However, one day spotify connect did not work using the iphone. The android app always works with spotify connect.


I have read a lot of forums and posts and it seems that there exist a problem. But unfortunately i did not find any solution that works for us. We have deinstalled and installed the iphone spotify app -> Did not work. We have disconnect an connect ethernet cabel as well as the power cabel -> Did not work. We have change the DNS to google DNS, on the yamaha CX and the iphone -> Did not work.


So my question is, is there any other solution which works. Otherwise could it be that using android phone an iphone will not work for spotify connect or will the android phone prevent the iphone???




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Hey @HoppeColbitz thanks for coming to the Community with all your questions. Are you following all the steps here to connect the iPhone?



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