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No option for mono audio listening

No option for mono audio listening

In my backyard, I have a left speaker on one end of my back wall and I have a right speake on the other end of that wall and there is about 30 ft. between them.  Unless I sit/stand right in the middle of the two speakers when I'm in backyard, music on Spotify will not sound good/natural because of the channel separation.  Would it be so hard for the Spotify dev. team to create a "mono" option in the settings panel?  This would seem like a no-brainer.  I see Spotify's users have been asking for this feature for a couple of years now, as far back as March of 2012 and then another 21 pgs. of comments following that.  I'm sure the hard of hearing community or people with a single speaker setup would appreciate this option too.  Come on Spotify!  Please listen to what your users are requesting and create a "mono" listening option for us!!!

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Spotify does not need to implement this as Apple already has this option:

 Hi. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this doesn’t work if you are streaming Spotify music through Alexa, etc. ( I should’ve made this clearer in my original post. Sorry!) Although I am using my iPhone with Spotify on it in this case as a remote, because it is being streamed through something else, I can’t play mono audio even when it’s turned on on in the accessibility control panel on my iPhone.  If I had mono/stereo control within the Spotify app itself on my iPhone, I think this would solve the problem.  It works fine if I’m playing directly through my iPhone though, and not streaming through another device.  

Thanks for that, but still not an complete answer to problem. Just a partial work around.

I asked this back in 2009. Still waiting...

Something so simple and really necessary...

came here looking for this, hoping they would have something considering its a payed app and they do have lots of money. Something so simple and important and yet they (spotify) doesnt seemed even considering it. I would really like this option as i do not use iphone anyway. if there is a workaround someone knows, the info is welcome.

Looks like Spotify doesnt have this feature but most smartphones should, at least my Galaxy S7 does. Just go into your phone settings, then find the Accessibility menu, go into hearing, and scroll down to mono audio. Again this is for my android but I would bet that iphones have the option too.

Hi there. The iPhone has the feature as well in its accessibility menu, but this feature doesn’t work when playing through a different device (in this my Echo Dot and my receiver. If I were playing through my earbuds I could use the iPhone’s stereo/mono control. The feature would have to be a native one in Spotify in a case like this.

I found my settings in the accessibility menu on my phone! Wouldn't have thought to look there and not through the Spotify app.

Hi. That’s great you were able to find that, and hopefully it will help you with the way you have your set up. But if you read the description of my set up, the mono setting in accessibility settings will not solve my problem. Thanks anyways!

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