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No queue list available (with premium account) [FIXED]

No queue list available (with premium account) [FIXED]

As per heading, on Spotify premium / iphone with the latest update I can add to my queue and it will play the queue, but previously there was an icon at the top-right of the 'song/track' view that would swap to the queue list where you could reorder / delete tracks. This is no longer available, so there's no way of emptying/editing  your queue other than listening through it. 


I'm guessing this is a bug / slip-up and not a planned change, and hope it will be fixed in the next app roll-out.


edit: updated to that just appeared in my update list, queue list option has been reinstated. 🙂

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Updated to 8.4.40 and feature is not there. Neither in mentioned 8.4.38. Please, may you update us regarding this???

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