No songs on iPhone


No songs on iPhone


I've downloaded playlists onto my ipad which I can play offline, these playlists are available on my phone online but not offline.
They are just greyed off on my phone and say 'unable to play offline, need to go online. Even when I download playlists in online mode, all fine on ipad just not on my phone.

I have 6gb memory, less than 5 playlist, am using an iPhone 5 ios7.

Please help!
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Hey, from the way you've worded your issue, it sounds to me like you have saved a playlist for offline access on your iPad, and can play it both online and offline on your iPad with no issue. Then, when you go to play the playlist on your iPhone, you're confused because you must be online to play the playlist, even though you've saved it for offline access on your iPad.

If I'm understanding your issue correctly, the solution is to simply go to the playlist in your iPhone, and toggle the "Available Offline" button below the "Shuffle Play" button at the top of the screen. This will save that playlist to be available offline on your iPhone, so you should be able to play it in offline mode then.

Saving a playlist or album to be available offline saves it to that device only. You simply never saved it to be available offline on your phone, while you did for your iPad.