cannot make playlists available offline


cannot make playlists available offline

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I have an ipad 4 with spotify premium. It has more than the recommended amount of memory available and I am under my limit for the number of tracks I can download. On my iPhone 5 I have no issue toggling playlists for download but on my ipad there is NO button to toggle. It doesn't even give me the option of being able to sync or allow offline playing. It's really frustrating a this button or option doesn't appear to exist and I want to play music offline on my ipad!

Can someone please help? With screen shots if possible!

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Re: cannot make playlists available offline

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That is so strange how there is no available offline button present. For me, it would be where the Share button is, between the Edit and Radio buttons...

Is your iPad up to date with iOS and the latest version of Spotify installed?