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Non Facebook users

Non Facebook users

The ios app's social aspect is extremely hindered by the inability/difficulty to share with non Facebook users. If a friend doesn't want a Facebook account; you are unable to share music with him/her by using the share with spotify people. Only people that you are friends with on Facebook show up. This in turn makes you send music links through texting. I am also unable to view any of his recent track listening history. This is wrong. Not every customer needs or wants to have a Facebook account. This also makes your company (spotify) reliant on there company and customer base. Please change this ASAP.
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agreed, extremely annoying - get it fixed Spotify, surely very simple

Has this issue been solved yet? I'm having the same trouble on both the browser and iOS version.

You can share via other ways, the recent update added sharing songs via Whatsapp.

There's also Twitter, Email, SMS or Copy the Track Link.

If you do not have a Facebook account linked, you can add Spotify friends by asking them to send you their profile URL.

Go to Spotify on Desktop -> Click on Your Name -> Profile -> Right click your Display Picture -> Copy HTTP Link and you will get your profile link which you can share it with your friends.
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