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Notifications for new podcast episodes

Notifications for new podcast episodes

Currently using an iPhone X and have the most recent version of the app.  My friend who has the same model phone showed me a new feature whereby you can get push notifications when a new episode of a podcast you follow drops.  However, this feature doesn't seem to be working on my app.  When I click on follow on the podcast main page, all it does it unfollow the podcast.  I don't get any option to enable notifications.  Is anyone else having this issue as well?  

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Apologies for bringing this thread back from the dead.  It's now mid-2022 and I've been enjoying push notifications for new podcasts. However, today, I wanted to change my notification type from push (displayed from within the Spotify app on my iPhone) to email so I could program my home automation system to change the display of podcasts with new episodes available and found out that out of the 8 types of notifications I can receive, podcast notification is the only one that only offers push, no email notifications. ?! Why would you add a notification type but then not set it up to notify users the exact same way that all of the other notifications work? That's inconsistant & horrible design. Now I have to dig deeper into possible hacks using Apple Shortcuts or some other way for my home automation to know when I've received a push notification and pull the relevent data out of the notification. Granted, not everyone will be using new podcast notifications in this way, but all you had to do was set them up identical to the other 7 types of notifications.

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