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Offline Playlist Error—says I have more than 3 devices, but I don't!!!

Offline Playlist Error—says I have more than 3 devices, but I don't!!!

I am repeatedly getting an error on my iphone that says I have more than 3 deviced with offline playlists, so I have to quit and restart (which ERASES all my offline playlists). The problem is, I DON'T.

I only have Spotify on 4 devices total (home computer, work computer, iphone, and ipod) ONLY the iphone and ipod have offline playlists!

What gives? It is extremely frustrating to always have to resync the playlists!
Anyone else have this problem or a way of fixing it?

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I sometimes get this too although to be fair not for a week or two now. I just cancelled what I was doing and then tried again. Sometimes this was enough. Odd.

I had the same issue yesterday. The Spotify iOS app was working fine, but then crashed. Then under the app icon was the ominous message 'Cleaning up'. When I could restart the app I got the 'More than 3 devices' message, and it had deleted all my offline playlists. I only have offline playlists on my iphone and other than I just stream to the desktop app. More to the point, if the '3 devices' aspect was really an issue, why would the app then allow me to begin re-syncing my 2500 songs immediately?



I have the problem, too.  It occurs whenever I use my iPhone on a new wireless network, e.g. when I travel.  My educated guess is that Spotify is using the IP address to identify "devices".  Since the IP address when you are using a wireless network is associated with the wireless router, not my iPhone, Spotify treats this as a new "device".  If so, this is a flawed method for identifying devices, and one that causes unnecessary deletion of my offline playlists.  I find it quite annoying.


Anyways, I wish Spotify would figure out a better way of identifying devices.



I just have to receive the same error message and i have 3 and no more devices with offline list.


Hope this is not a security issue and anyone is using our accounts out there. If it's going to happen all the time as your case I think I will have to finish my account.


I only have spotify on one device, my iPhone 6 plus. However I do switch wifi networks quite regularly. I get the 3 device alert almost every time I disconnect from a wifi network and then have to resync my playlists, very annoying. If this isn't fixed by the time my 3 month special is over, I will not be renewing my subscription.

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