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Syncing playlists between devices

Syncing playlists between devices

How are playlists synced between devices?


I listen to spotify on my computer, iPad, and iPhone.  The computer and iPad are always connected to the internet via wifi at home.  The iPhone is connected to wifi when I'm home and I have 3G when I'm not.  I've noticed that sometimes when I change a playlist (like delete a song) on one device, the change doesn't happen on the other devices.  Sometimes it does.  


I'd like to know how sync works, so I can be sure to follow the right steps and keep all my playlists the same on all my devices.

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Why has no one from Spotify addressed this question in over a month?  I would like to know the answer as well.  If it's not possible, please just let us know that.

So it has been over a year since asked. Can someone specify IF or how spotify can sync playlists between devices (iPhone and iPads)?

I found an answer to your question while searching on the net


hope that helps!

I should've been more specific in my post.  I know how to sync using the cable, but I appreciate you posting that.  The issue is it doesn't seem to do the same over WiFi. I believe that's what the original poster was referring to, as well. I don't believe it's possible.

I did it over WiFi. And maybe I am confused about the OP's original post.


Over WiFi, I have to sync manually via computer. I don't think it automatically does it. I'm kind of new to Spotify, so maybe I'm wrong?

Awesome. Will try. Thx!

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