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Offline Sync is Busted

Offline Sync is Busted






iPhone 6

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iOS 10


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I have about 150 songs on my local files that I use regularly, so I put them on Spotify via offline sync. It was working perfectly until yesterday, when all of the songs went unlisted and refused to play.


Now, the method they suggest is to activate the download button on both the PC and the phone. But I can’t do that when there isn’t a download button to hit. I know it should be under shuffle play, but it’s not. It isn’t anywhere.


Did they lock playing music I legally own behind premium, or is there something wrong with my phone?

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I'm on premium, and also can't get this to work. I can see the songs, but they're all greyed out. When I play the same song on my computer, it turns white on my phone, but switching to playback from my phone stops the music.

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