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Offline albums still not queuing, even after update two days ago. Here's a correlation I found.

Offline albums still not queuing, even after update two days ago. Here's a correlation I found.






iPhone 8

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iOS 13.4.1


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Yes, this is still a problem.  And now, its EVERY single album I download.

So here, let me help you out spotify: every time I delete and reinstall the app (which I've done 5 times now, thank you very much), for the first few times I use the app, the view of the album looks like the older interface where there's a little toggle button for downloading an album.  While the app displays albums in this UI view, the downloads work just fine and will queue the entire album...However, after the app has been reinstalled on my device for a little while, it switches to where the way you download an album is an icon with a down arrow in a circle.  When you download albums with this UI view and then try to play the album offline, it will play the first song and not queue the rest of the album.  I don't know what else to do but continue to post on this forum in attempts to get you guys to fix this, my hands are otherwise tied.

I see an update yesterday and I'm like "oh SWEET!  They must have included a patch for this abysmal issue with their app, let me just go ahead and...WHAT IN THE!"  Nope, it's not fixed.  Despite Spotify saying they fixed it and released a few updates since the issues surfaced.  

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Spotify seems like if they ignore this problem we will go away. It's been almost four weeks.

Same here but this happens to me when streaming online (havent tried offline). Latest update didnt fixed this. 

Whenever i change the playorder, queue tracks or just play liked tracks fra "Artists", it mess up bad. 

Seems like the only way Spodify track order works is when playing straight from an album without changing anything at all. 

This happens everytime on Android and iOS.

You can actually see it happening using 2 devices.

I have removed Spodify more then once, cleaned up memory/cache, updated everything, still broken. 

I switched over from google music because it's being discontinued. Shame. Things actually work over there.

Hey, guys, I found a workaround! Go to Library, Artists, select the one you want, then you'll see, above the songs in your library, the "Album in your Library" entry. That one can be added to queue, thank God.

The caveat is that your playlist must not be hidden. When I was messing up with synching the mobile app with the desktop my playlist disappeared (it got hidden). In that state I was not able to add albums with the aforementioned steps. But if you start playing any song it comes back and then the steps work again.


The previous answers were me on my free account. This is my premium account. 



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