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Offline mode - songs start and stop

Offline mode - songs start and stop

I am trying to listen to my offline playlist in the car (I am a premium user). I can see that my songs have 'synced' to offline and I have turned my app to offline mode. I click a song to play and it plays for maybe 5-15seconds and then stops. Its almost acting like there are connection issues but I'm in offline mode so that shouldn't be happening! I can't find any info on this issue. Support please!
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Hmm is this an iphone or ipod touch?  Almost sounds like it's trying to stream. I would recommend putting your i-device in Airplane Mode so it doesn't have a connection at all briefly to see if it works (to test it).  After you do that try closing out the app and then reopening.  If that doesn't work, make sure to troubleshoot it down to Spotify directly.  For example sometimes I have heard bluetooth can be prone to interference.  I personally connect mine with an Aux cable to my stereo's line in to avoid any outside interference as that may be the cause.

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