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Offline playlists use 3G after syncing over WiFi

Offline playlists use 3G after syncing over WiFi



here's what I did (1) and what my problem is (2):


1) I have made a playlist (103 songs) available offline on my iPhone 5. For this, I made sure the app was open the whole time and the display didn't go to sleep. All songs show the green circle indicating that the song is downloaded.


2) I leave my WiFi zone, go outside, and listen to my offline playlist. 2G/3G sync is switched off. For some songs, the following happens:

    - If I'm in offline mode, the song won't play.

    - If I'm not in offline mode, the song is streamed via 3G.


I only noticed this because after 300MB of traffic per month, my internet speed is reduced. The songs affected by this will then not play without interruptions anymore. So I used up all my traffic with a playlist that says it is offline while paying for the Spotify service. -> Not cool!


Is there a trick to work around this bug? Is this a known issue and on a to-fix-list?




1 Reply

Very interesting sir, I have never heard of or encountered this bug before, I'll notify a staff member.

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