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Offline syncing not working with iPad3

Offline syncing not working with iPad3

I have gone through a thousand different threads looking for a solution, and found nothing that works.

All I want to do is listen to my playlists offline, as 3G often doesn't stream fast enough to enjoy uninterrupted

smooth playback of songs.  I have no problems streaming on WiFi, and please don't give me suggestions to check that

my device is using the same WiFi connection or any of the general instructions for syncing as I have tried them all.

Everything that I read tells me that syncing to iPad3 is possible, but nothing works!!! Argh!

My iPad3 doesn't even appear in the devices list.

I can sync to my Android phone but the memory size is insufficient for full playlists.

This is proving very frustrating, especially since this was one of the main reasons I purchased

a Premium subscription.  I am feeling like perhaps I have been conned into purchasing a product that doesn't actually have the capacity that it boasts and I am almost at the point of canceling my subscription.

Can anyone help??!!!?? Pleeeease 😕

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I have an iPad 4, and I tried to sync it earlier today. The desktop app wouldn't recognize the iPad or my iPhone. The songs showed up in the playlists grayed out on both of them and trying to download them didn't work.


Anyway, I left with Spotify open on my iPad and my PC, and when I came back a few hours later, the tracks were downloaded and the iPad was listed under the Devices folder.


So all I can suggest is to plug in the iPad, open Spotify and mark the playlists you want to download, then open Spotify on the PC and wait. Honestly, I don't know what happened while I was gone, but giving it a couple hours to see if it works itself out can't hurt.

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