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Offline tracks sync from Spotify instead of Local files

Offline tracks sync from Spotify instead of Local files

I have an offline playlist on my ipod touch that contains all songs that I have available in local files. But Spotify is syncing a bunch of them from the Spotify library instead of from my local computer files and then counting them against my offline song limit. When I look at these songs on my desktop Spotify app, it indicates that they are indeed local files.


How do I force my ipod to sync them from the local files instead of the Spotify library?

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I tried removing the tracks that weren't syncing from my playlist and then re-adding them directly from my local files list. They either still downloaded from Spotify (green arrow) or gave me the dreaded red exclaimation point.

Spotify these days is a royal MESS!


First, the devices don't show up in the Devices list.


Second, even though you can still sync files, by creating a playlist and going to your device and click "Available Online", it suddenly doesn't work for local files. It seems to me that this is a fairly new glitch, since it seems like it was working a week or so ago.


It's kind of odd (to me) that even though the devices don't show up in the Devices list, they're still connected.


What I want, and I know it's expecting a lot, is for SPOTIFY to fix this problem. Everything worked fine, let's say 2 months ago. Something has happened in the meantime and it's my opinion that it's not something that ALL of us did wrong.

this is aggravating me as well, makes me wonder why i pay for music instead of downloading it for free and having the correct tags and album art

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