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Playlist issue

Playlist issue

Added new playlist on iPad and then launched iPhone app and it does not show up. Closed iPhone app completely from multitasking and relaunched. Still no avil. Then logged out on iPhone and back in and still no go. Needs to be fixed soon just a FYI.
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I just want to confirm that there is a playlist-sync issue with the iPad app. My playlists don't show up on the iPad app allthough they are displayed in my iPhone app.

Similar. I to create a playlist on the iPhone and she(it) appears not on the iPad (sorry im french, my bad english)

Same here........can sign in on the new iPad app just fine and play music, but my Playlists which show up just fine on my iPhone and on my computer do not show up on the iPad.

I'm having this same problem.  Playlists are showing up on my android device and computer, but not my iPad.  I can log in and play music, but no playlists are showing up.  Hopefully we can get a solution soon, would love to start syncing my lists for offline use at 320kbs 🙂

Having the same issue here - my starred playlist does show up but all other playlists created & displayed in the Desktop/iPhone app are not showing up on the iPad. Chalked it up to a server load issue this morning but it's my playlists are still missing several hours later & after restarting the iPad app several times.

I've been seeing playlist issues on the iPad app since downloading it a couple of hours ago. Lots of errors in the device log, and about half of my playlists never load. These persist across quit/relaunch and even app deletion/reinstall. The desktop client isn't even able to forcibly sync the playlists to the device.

Playlists do not sync to ipad app when making them on desktop app.

I have downloaded new iPad and I have no playlists. I have noticed that it will not load the trending playlists either.

Same thing here. Not getting recent playlists on the iPad, and no playlists at all on the iPhone.


Have logged out/logged in several times, and also tried deleting the app, turning on/off unit etc. etc.


Nothing helps.


UPDATE: All playlists are appearing & syncing on the iPad client now. Smiley Happy

Yup, they're working for me now too. Some backend machine somewhere really wasn't liking our taste in music, apparently.

Fixed here too!!

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