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Overall Radio Issues

Overall Radio Issues

I moved over to Spotify permanently from Pandora once the radio went live, but there are two main issues that remain:


1) Repetitiveness and a lack of selection

2) Classical music seems to be one giant, vague category


If you create a radio station and listen to it for more than an hour, you're going to get songs repeated. This is really un-necessary, as Spotify's catalog is broad enough to be able to pick songs from dozens of albums in some of the cases of artists that I listen to. Sometimes it won't even take an hour. It would appear that Spotify isn't doing any sort of session tracking or tracking of songs that have been played already. This completely ruins the experience of "internet radio." If I wanted to hear the same tracks over and over I would listen to regular radio :]


Here's an example of my classical dilemma:


I love to listen to classical piano, like Chopin. I do not like to listen to opera. No matter how hard I try to train a station, I can't get across that a) I don't want to listen to opera, nor b) do I want to listen to some tango number from Carmen. It will play Chopin, then a Beethoven symphony, then some opera, then a march... 


There are generes and classifications within "classical" music that Spotify seems to have no idea about.

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The radio on Spotify isn't the best - but there's browse and you can search Playlist, probably you might want to give a kudo for fixing radio (see my signature below!)
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Are there any subcategories within classical music, or is it all lumped together?


I've tried creating radio stations from albums of nothing but piano concertos, and within 3 songs it's playing Bolero and Ride of the Valkyries.


Increasingly I find myself going back to Pandora for this stuff, as themusic genome yatta yatta seems to have a much better handle on this stuff.

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