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Pandora station from computer to iPad

Pandora station from computer to iPad

Howdy there!


Let me start with the fact that I just joined Spotify after hearing that you can go offline mode with the app. I don't have 3G on my iPad and I'm interested in listening to music as I walk in my local recreation center... therefore, come to Spotify, I have.


I created a playlist on Spotify on the Windows client from my Pandora 'likes'. 436 tracks, woo. I turn on my iPad and while the name of the playlist, it's a dead husk of a thing with no songs inside. How do I make the transfer?


Thank you!

2 Replies

Unfortunately this is a known bug on Spotify and they are currently working on it sir.

Can you try copying the tracks from a playlist that is not working, into a new playlist on your computer, copying a maximum of 331 tracks at a time? Does that playlist appear?


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