Phone Volume set to max when using desktop application


Phone Volume set to max when using desktop application



iPhone Xs / iPhone 10s


Operating System

iOS 12.4.1

Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1803


My Question or Issue

Sometimes (not always) when im done playing music with spotify on my phone and switch to spotify on my desktop it will turn the volume on my phone to max. So if i put on my wireless headphones to listen to music from my phone again it will start playing at max volume, which is not very pleasant. It doesnt set the volume level back to where it was before i started spotify on my desktop.


The issue also goes the other way if i adjust the spotify volume in the desktop app and then listen through my app on the phone. If i then return to the desktop app it shows that the volume is set to max, but the volume level is where it was earlier. So to adjust the volume back up i have to drag the volume bar all the way down and then back up for it to turn the volume back to max.


I guess that this might be a bug, because it doesnt happen all the time.