Play randomic from search does not work

Play randomic from search does not work

After typing a search (for instance, Nancy Sinatra), the songa returned do not play. Either it changes to different singers, or it stops if I push next song.


I am a Premium user in Brazil. Iphone 6. IOs 12.1.





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Hey there,


This is an expected behavior as you're searching a general name which other Artists may also have used.


Spotify plays all songs related (or exact) to your search term. If there is only one song with the name you searched, Spotify executes a radio of the song you finished listening and starts playing similar songs.


If you want to listen to tracks from a specific artist, search for the artist name and click on it. After you're on the artist page, select a song and it will play in order.


Please let me know of the status of your issue,



I select “listen to all songs”, then click any one. When I click next, it stops playing. It was not this way a few weeks ago. Seems a new bug.

Telmo Ghiorzi

Hey there,


Thanks for the reply. I just tried it myself to see how it's behaving now. It's the same for me too.


Previously it was acting as I mentioned above. Seems like it's changed now.



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