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Spotify randomly pauses and unpauses

Spotify randomly pauses and unpauses






iPhone 7

Operating System

Windows 10 

My Question or Issue

 For the last 3-4 months (spring of 2018) I have had problems with Spotify randomly pausing and unpausing the music. 


Useful info:

  • It happens both on my iPhone 7 and on my PC with Windows 10. It's notably more frequent on Windows, which has stopped me using the desktop client all together. Actually, I opened the desktop client while writing this and it has paused once and unpaused once in the last 15 minutes.
  • The frequency is roughly one pause/unpause per hour played, meaning 1-3 times per day (I estimate 2-3 hours played per day). This results in roughly 100-200 pauses/unpauses since the issue arose.
  • Of the occurrences, roughly 90% are pausing and 10% unpausing (which is good, because it's scary as f**k sometimes).
  • Of all 100-200 occurrences, I have only received one (1) pop-up, claiming the pause is due to another device using my account. Furthermore, I have no other songs in my play history than the ones I have played personally, so this is definitely not the issue.
  • I have updated the mobile and PC clients several times but the problem remains the same.
  • I have logged out on all devices several times from the webpage but the problem remains the same.
  • I experience a slightly higher frequency of pausing when I leave my home, so it might be connected to WiFi disconnect? However: historically this only caused the app to buffer/load while staying in "play mode" (i.e. the pause button is visible to signify that play mode is active, even though the music is not currently playing), but now I get "clean pauses" (i.e. the music stops and I see a play button, meaning it's in pause mode, without buffering. So this is a far-fetched guess.

Needless to say, it's very frustrating, to the point where I had to write this as a last resort before I end my Premium subscription and find an alternative which doesn't anger me on a daily basis 😕


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Hey @Jigsterpose, sorry for the delay. 


We suggest that you check out this help article. Make sure to go through all the steps til the end. You'll find all the necessary info there. 


All the best 🙂




But my account is not stolen, which is clearly stated in my post. It nevers
warns me that someone else uses it, it just pauses. Furthermore, I have no
other songs played in my history than those I play.

Since no one seems to understand my issue, would it help to give you a
dates and times of the occurrences, so that you can check my account
activity in your database at those times? I tracked a full day with about
20 pauses and 3 unpauses. Yes, it’s that frustrating - I will end my
premium subscription soon since I can’t use it.

Hey @Jigsterpose,


We understand what you mean. The article I sent also considers arbitrary pauses and such, and you can get in touch with the right folks to have a look at your account on the bottom of it. 


Hope that helps 🙂


I can not find the part on random pauses. I have the same problem. Would be easier to post the answer in this thread. Makes more sense and the solution would be easier to find. 

Have you read this?
I have the same issues as you and have now changed my password after having "logged out everywhere" from my account on Will log in this way from now on instead of logging in via Facebook. Hope this helps. 

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