Playlist Folders lost on IPad, even without update.

Playlist Folders lost on IPad, even without update.

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 After seeing the chaos of the update on my phone, I decided not to update my IPad.  Things were fine until yesterday, when it appears I can no longer get anything to display off of Playlists.  There used to be 8 folders for my genres (Rock, Comedy, Rap, Country, etc), and in those, folders for types, (Alternative, Classic Rock, Comedy Words, Comedy Songs, Crunk, Old School, etc), and then my playlists.  747 playlists without that narrowing down is unmanageable.  But now, even the top level playlist folders are not showing, and neither are the playlists the way the phone does it.  It essentially makes the product unusable on the IPad.  Can this be fixed, or have all of the playlist folders been removed on Spotify after years of use?

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Compare that with what I still have on the PC, for now.....  Please help!

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Same problem here....folders not syncing on my ipod! Yikes 😭 I hope Spotify does a roll back soon. 

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