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Some suggested workarounds to the IPhone Update mess

Some suggested workarounds to the IPhone Update mess


I remember the 2014 update, and how painful it was to adjust to it.  I finally got used to it, and now they have wiped out that as well.  Just looking at the pages of comments saying they can't stand this new version, but nobody solving it, made me decide to do this:  


Here are all of the solutions and workarounds for this new update, so that you can still use it the way you used to.


1. Prefix all of your playlists.  Since we can no longer see the owner of a playlist, a general playlist like "Prince" or "50 Cent" will get too many hits.  So prefix or postfix your playlist so you can find it in a crowd, so to speak.


2. Go to your Favorite Songs, scroll really fast through the list, and watch the album covers flash likes a slot machine, only to end up on a different album cover than the correct one.  It isn't going to help, but it will make you smirk when the cover of Dark Side of The Moon is on a Pitbull song.  It slowly fixes, but in the meantime, smirk away...


3. Search [YourID] Songs, on your PC, it will show you the old Songs list that you used to shuffle.  Select all, right click, and select "Add to your Library".  


4. Enjoy the NEW feature that does work, the ten second clip of each song.  Select a playlist, hit the "and more" (which doesn't look like a link but it is) and enjoy the full list of a playlist.Yes, I know other sites have had that for ages, but for those of us that know a song, but not by name, it does give a quick idea of if you like that song or not.  Before, I would have to click play on each one, and get commercials.  This way, the ten second clips are not interrupted by commercials while you go through 40 songs to find the 5 you like.  Shh, it is our secret, they don't read the comments. 🙂


5. Enjoy the easier way to remove from a playlist on the phone.  before, I had to save a song to a "delete this" playlist, then when done, merge without duplicates the original playlist, clear the original playlist, and then delete the ones with an old timestamp (the ones I wanted to delete), then copy the remainder back to the original playlist.  Now, while in the "and more" mode, the ... button on a song lets you do the favorite, add to playlist, and remove from this playlist.  For those of us that did most of the editing on the PC, it is nice to have this now on the phone.


Add your own suggestions below!



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