Playlist freezing and not playing

Playlist freezing and not playing

On my iPad one of my playlist keeps freezing. I can't scroll through the songs or skip, it won't let me do anything. Then it only plays one song from the playlist and stops. I've tried powering down my iPad but that doesn't work.
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Hi jpinon28 - Sorry to hear you're having a bit of trouble--could you confirm which iOS app version you have installed?


First step I'd recommend is a clean reinstallation. If it continues let us know if it's during streaming, offline playlists, or with local files--thanks!

My app version is It is happening while streaming but it does not happen with any of the other playlists.


Sounds like it might be a connection problem. Do you get the problem with both WiFi and 3G? It's worth checking both in case there's a problem with one specific network.


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My iPad only works on WiFi.

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